my legs were SO SORE from yesterday, so I almost didn’t work out… but I pushed by butt out the door to zumba and I’m very happy I did! YOU are your own motivation!

I am so proud of myself. I ran for 30 minutes and did the biggest loser cardio workout for an hour… usually I do 40 minutes of cardio I haven’t really gotten much result-wise out of it lately. this week I’m going to try to do an hour and a half, plus weight training. it’s going to be hard especially when it comes to getting all my schoolwork done but it has to be accomplished if I want to see results. I’m happy with myself and I can’t wait to see if it’s working for me!

ugh, I fucked up really bad this weekend. :( starting fresh tomorrow.



ugh I was running a few days ago and hurt my foot, so I’ve gotta be really light on the cardio (basically, all I can do is stationary bike). I don’t have a doctors appt til friday :\ kind of upsetting but hopefully my foot will be okay by the time I get back to college on sunday! I JUST WANT TO DO ZUMBA DAMMIT



sometimes I need to remember this. Go for a walk.. it’s better than nothing.

august is going to be MY MONTH. no exceptions, no excuses.

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