So I really didn’t want to work out today haha but I pushed myself and went running! I ran on my university’s track to change it up a bit and I ended up cutting 30 SECS off my mile time. WHAT. does that even happen? Haha. Pretty great for not even wanting to go work out. :)

Keep yourself motivated! You never know what you can accomplish until you GO FOR IT! xx


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inside, outside, incline,mountain side……just…run.

you know, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy all day.

but I decided to go on a run, and about a quarter mile in, it started to pour. but I kept running for 2 miles. didn’t walk at all, which is a huge accomplishment for me.

and now I feel so good! my stomach ache and headache went away! running always solves the problem :)

and now I’m watching sexy men dive on the olympics. life’s good.

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